I’m really into airlines. I used to work at the airport so have a thing about them.  I have flown with the below airlines around the world

  • KLM – excellent airline, love flying with them and Schipol is a huge airport. Very well laid out
  • Air France – Good airline but found the cabin crew rude at times. Not a fan of CDG, found they had very little choice of places to eat and shops. Also you have to get a shuttle bus to all the different terminals
  • Emirates – My favourite airline so far. Felt spacious, clean and quite posh! Their was a menu in the seat pocket stating the food you would receive through the whole flight
  • British Airways – A classic, who wouldn’t like BA
  • Delta – Part of Skyteam, great airline,the food was restaurant quality
  • American Airlines – Wasn’t a fan, felt cheap and the food wasn’t very good at all
  • Malaysian Airlines – I flew with them during the shenanigans they had and they are a good airline. I would fly with them again
  • Air Asia – dirt cheap budget airline and good for the price
  • Thomas Cook – felt crammed like a sardine
  • Thomson – Good holiday charter
  • Jet 2 Holidays – Plenty of space
  • Jetstar – good cheap budget airline
  • Tiger Airways – good cheap budget airline
  • Easyjet – Limited places you can fly to from Aberdeen, only London but good airline
  • VietJet – Flew with them through Vietnam
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Bangkok Airways
  • South West – an airline full of banter, constantly cracking jokes
  • Jet Blue – Served blue potato crisps
  • United
  • Flybe – rip off! Want to charge me £20 per flight to check in a bag, thats £80 if you have connecting flights
  • Virgin little red – Gave you love hearts
  • Canada 3000
  • Qatar
  • Air Iceland