Isle of Skye

When I went there : June 2017

‘You don’t need to travel far to be a world away’ – my friend Joe

My friend from work went to Skye in May of this year and I fell in love with her pictures and I instantly knew I wanted to visit the island. I hunted for a hotel that was a reasonable price over a weekend but they were all extortionate. I then came across glamping. I had never done glamping before and I thought it would be something different and a good experience. I got my friend on board and we booked 2 nights at the Skye Shepherd huts.

19511063_1804458559568526_3449277003566029317_n.jpgWe travelled across Scotland up to Inverness then down to Kyle of Lochalsh on a Friday morning. The roads after Invernesss were country back roads full of twist and turns which made our journey longer. Our first stop was Eilean Donan Castle which is just south of the Skye bridge. I had seen so many pictures of this castle, with it being the most photographed castle in the world I just had to see it for myself. The castle sat out alone on Loch Alsh with a back drop of rolling hills, it did not disappoint. We got our fix of many pictures and had lunch then we got back on the road to Skye.

We crossed the Skye bridge and our adventure began. We didn’t really have a plan on what to do when we arrived so we drove north up to the town of Portree. We made some stops at view points a long the way grabbing some photos. Looking out over one of the Lochs seeing nothing but mountains stretch before me and a waterfall behind me I felt I had found my little slice of New Zealand within Scotland. We made it to Portree and walked down to the harbour before buying supplies for our BBQ dinner.  Portree is the main town on Skye with tourist shops, cafes and some boutiques.

We drove back down south to Broadford and headed up a deserted road to The Shepherd 19642777_1805736306107418_969179258936484591_n.jpgHuts. We kept driving up and over hills pausing for sheep until we eventually arrived. We parked up and got shown to our Hut. We had the most stunning view of fields, lochs and mountains. Our Hut was similar to a gypsy wagon with a double bed, sink, a few kitchen utilities, DVD player, wood burning fire and electricity inside. It was a perfect cosy home for two nights. We spent the evening eating burgers off the BBQ and drinking cocktails at a picnic table looking out onto the scenery. I felt so content.

19642726_1805745172773198_2611596499631801521_n.jpgThe following morning we were woken to our breakfast being delivered in a wooden picnic basket. We sat and ate our bacon and scrambled eggs at the fold out table in our Hut. It was so rustic and country I loved it. Out first stop was Neist point on the west coast, it took us a good hour and a half to get there due to all the country single roads. When we arrived the fog was so bad we couldn’t see a thing so we sat and ate our lunch picnic in the car. Once the fog cleared we headed out and saw the cliffs, they were spectacular. There was a steep descent down to the bottom and then a walk across a valley round to the lighthouse. On a sunny day there would have been some cracking photos.

After Neist point we headed to Portree then up north passing old man of storr, we tried 19598558_1805745702773145_1295108589239801254_n.jpgto go for the walk but the weather turned and we didn’t fancy doing a hill walk in side ways rain. We headed onto An Lethallt, a small pretty bay with beautiful views, then we carried on up to Kilt Rock and Lealt Falls. This was my favourite, I love waterfalls and the view of the waterfall with the cliffs in the background was maginificent. We had dinner in a nice restaurant in Broadford, I tried venison for the first time and enjoyed it. We then headed back to the huts and had a drink of prosecco with the other guests who had just got married.

That morning I woke up to nip to the loo and headed out the hut, the sun was rising over the mountains, I could only hear birds and no sound of human of life, the only people awake were me and Colin the chicken. It was an amazing moment and I realised I adored Skye.

19657221_1806800802667635_1129745215896118852_n.jpgOur last day we woke to another amazing breakfast and rain pelting on the Hut window but we didn’t let it stop us. We headed to the fairy pools as it is one of the biggest attractions on Skye. Arriving at the pools it was quite a walk to get down to them but it was worth it. We hiked up a path passing pools upon pools and waterfall after waterfall, the water getting bluer the higher we went. Just as we reached the top with a background of mountains the heavens opened and the rain came flooding down, so we headed back down getting soaked. Due to the bad weather we headed straight back to Aberdeen.

Verdict: I found my Scottish New Zealand and I cannot wait to visit again. The summer months are mental busy and very expensive but I understand why as it really is a gem. Go back? Yes.


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