When I went there : December 2012 and June 2017

I’ve been to Edinburgh a number of times but this time was more memorable. I had booked a B&B and bought two Robbie Williams concert tickets and gave them to my Mum for Christmas last year.

We travelled the 2 hours down to Edinburgh on a Friday morning, dropped off the car 19029684_1779900135357702_4997131344543431918_n.jpgand headed into the city centre. I had booked lunch at The Dome as I had heard great things about it. Walking up outside, the building looked like a big concert hall or library, I was excited. Once inside the lobby it was full of flowers and had a chandelier in the centre of the room. We headed into The Grill room and it was stunning. We were given a fantastic 19029449_1779900278691021_8020058187144386133_n.jpgtable and had a view of the whole restaurant. The smell of fresh flowers filled the air and the food was top notch. We went for three courses for £20, a very good deal. The service was exceptional and we we were well looked after. I would certainly recommend. We have booked to go back at Christmas and I know it will be beautiful, plus we can see the Christmas market.  Another blog post on the cards?

18952531_1778335995514116_7560255335925441833_n.jpgAfter lunch we headed to our hotel opposite Edinburgh Zoo to get ready for the concert. We stayed on the same road as Murrayfield so was very handy and the hotel was on a bus route straight to the city centre. The atmosphere when we first arrived at the stadium was electric and everyone was in good spirits, everyone was chatting to each other. We sat outside in the sun having some gin cocktails before we headed into the stadium. We were standing and I’ve decided I’ll never go standing again for that size of concert. People got so drunk and then turned nasty when anyone moved slightly or tried to squeeze past. ‘That’s my space’ was said in my ear more times than I could count! If I moved an inch I got moaned at! My legs were in agony the next morning from standing for 5 hours. On the other hand Robbie was excellent. Mr Williams, it’s always a pleasure.

Saturday was amazing weather! We walked up and down Princes Street taking in the 19030659_1779899965357719_2156708320265191501_n.jpgviews of Edinburgh Castle and gardens. We stumbled across The Slug and Lettuce one of our favourite eaterys and headed in for lunch. In the afternoon we did a little shopping and then walked the Royal Mile. We headed up to the castle and looked over Edinburgh. We worked up an appetite so went into a courtyard cafe on the Royal Mile and had a tea and scone while enjoying the nice weather. When we visited for New Year in 2012 we visited an amazing Indian so we went back there for dinner.

Our last day we had breakfast overlooking the castle then headed home.

I have been to Edinburgh Zoo before a few years back. I was gutted the penguin parade wasn’t on but I got to see the pandas! The zoo is pretty steep but there is shuttles that take you up and down the hill. It’s worth going to see if you haven’t been.

307500_573400196007708_1451933307_n.jpgEdinburgh at Christmas is gorgeous, there is such a good atmosphere. Me and my Mum went for New Year and did the Edinburgh street party, the fireworks are incredible. We also did Edinburgh Castle which is good to do at least once.

Verdict : I love Edinburgh. It has so much character and it’s a pretty city. It has lots of cafes, restaurants and alleyways with hidden gems. Go back? Can I move there?


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