This year is all about the UK

Last year I moved into my own flat and got myself a mortgage.  I’ve been in my flat 8 months and now is the point when home improvements and replacements start appearing.  A new car exhaust, new bathroom sink, an annoying leak that’s magically appeared.  I’m sure most can agree that trying to travel to far off places when you have so much to pay for is near impossible.

I see people on social media travelling all over the world taking amazing pictures and a strong longing and feeling of envy rises inside me.  Next minute I am frantically trying to figure out if I can afford a spontaneous trip to India or South America.  I love to travel and it can anger me that I can’t see the world and complete experiences as much as I’d like as I work a full-time 9 to 5 job and now have a mortgage for my first home.  I sometimes feel lost and if I should just pack it all in and go off and do what I truly love.

A friend I work with brought in a book for me to look at and it is called ‘You only51k5iPrUyvL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ live once’ by Lonely Planet.  I had a read of this book and it made me feel differently about travel and experiences.  I quite often feel a urge of panic that I need to cram all my travel into now as I don’t want to run out of time and I don’t want to wait to fulfil my dreams and goals. I want it all now! 

This book breaks down experiences into hours, days, months and years. The experiences in hours are simple things such as having a cocktail or a nice meal, the day is things like experiencing a party in a strange city or seeing wildlife/scenery, the month is experiencing a week of adventure or a week of safari and the year is experiencing a sabbatical, volunteering or travelling for a year.  Of course, this book suggests places to complete all these experiences but it also says at the start that to experience a lot of things in this book they are right on your doorstep with a little lateral thinking.  These experiences aren’t about swanning off on fancy far off adventures but going out and completing them anywhere you can.    As I read some of the experiences in the book I realised I have experienced a fair number of them and it made me feel better and that for my age I have completed and accomplished a lot already!  I will be buying this book as it is worth a full read for me.

image1Due to this year being costly with my new home and job security being uncertain I have decided to travel more of my home turf the UK.  I won’t be getting to see the far off exotic places that are on my travel list (I’ll leave that for next year) but I will get to see some of the world as the UK is still a country that loads of people would like to explore and I am lucky that it’s easy for me to do so.  I can live experiences and make memories from somewhere that is on my doorstep.  I am going to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh in a few weeks for a concert, then I am driving across Scotland to go glamping on the Isle of Skye with my friend, my Summer holiday will be visiting family in Devon and Cornwall which feels like being abroad in Spain with all the palm trees, October will bring a night away with my best friend in Aberfeldy and New Years Eve will be spent in London.

I guess as my Mum keeps telling me ‘I need to chill more.’  I need to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and be lucky for what I have done already and what I have coming up. It may take me slightly longer to visit everywhere I want to but I won’t give up and I’ll make sure that as many places as possible are ticked off my list.


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