When I went there: August 2010

I went to Texas for ten days with my friend after working at Disney before we flew home back to Scotland. We stayed with a girl we had met while working at Disney.

We arrived in San Antonio and were taken to her house.  I noticed that in Texas the roads are mostly massive highways, no public transport and no one walks. Most people live in private housing estates where you need a key fob to enter.  Most estates have their own pool for all the residents.  Her house was beautiful and made my small flat back home feel inadequate.

We didn’t have to much planned for our stay but one thing we were promised was a trip to40320_152316888116043_3735631_n.jpg a shooting range.  My friend and I had never shot a gun so were quite nervous. We each shot a rifle at some targets at the shooting range, this wasn’t enjoyable for me but at least I can say I have done it.  Guns are huge in Texas and everyone has one.  You can buy guns and ammo in Walmart.

We went out to a concert one night which was tropical themed, this was good fun and to experience.  We met some of my friends friends and we played beer pong afterwards.

One thing we had been told we need to experience in Texas was an American Football game.  We went to a practice session of the Dallas Cowboys. I had no idea what was going 40366_152317131449352_6074745_n.jpgon but it was a good experience. We visited the Alamo in San Antonio which is a huge part of Texan history.

The main thing in Texas that we did was eat.  The choice of fast food and restaurants is extravagant.  We went to a fast food Mexican called Taco Cabana and loved it, we also visited Cheesecake Factory where the meal choices and size of portion is huge. We soon realised all we did was kill time until we ate and all we really spoke about was where to eat next.  We went to a fancy restaurant where we had to get dressed up and had a view over San Antonio.  Afterwards we walked the River Walk in San Antonio, this was really pretty and I wish I had spent more time there. The river was a canal lined with trees, cafes, shops and restaurants.

We took a trip to Austen which was an hours drive from San Antonio.  Austen is a very laid back, hippy city.  We walked around the student quarter and looked in a few of shops.  On the way we stopped at San Antonio university where we bought some T shirts.

40522_152320738115658_3249530_n.jpgOur Texan friend told us she quite often goes tubing.  The float down a river in a tube drinking.  We loved this idea so took a visit to the river.  The water was to low but we sat and had food and drinks instead.

Verdict: Texas was nice but is just a built up state. There wasn’t that much to do there. Go Back? No


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