New York

When I went there: June 2010

I loved New York.  With being a huge fan of friends and Sex and the City the big apple had always been on my hit list.  Living in Orlando meant it was a stone’s throw away and I made sure I made the visit.  I booked a 5 day trip with my room mate from Disney.

We had booked a hotel off Broadway and was a hefty half an hour walk to Times Square.36983_138981712782894_4916999_n  Our room was tiny with the view from our window being a brick wall. We spent our first day walking down Broadway towards Time Square completely excited.  We kept stopping along the way to take photos.  We walked past Hotel Empire that featured in ‘Gossip Girl’and we stopped to take pictures of Trump Tower.  We finally reached Times Square and the place was so busy we didn’t know where to start. Up the middle of Times Square was a
set of red stairs, to this day I still don’t know what they are for, I heard it’s for photos. We went into a few tourist shops and bought the typical NYC souvenirs, coming out a shop we were hounded by some locals.  They were selling their CD for a donation of $10, they handed it to us and signed it with our names so we naively had to buy it. One things to be careful of in New York, as a tourist New Yorkers can spot you a mile off. You can take photos with people dress up but they expect a payment for you taking the photo.

We signed up for the open top bus tour and got a night time bus tour included.  We then went for dinner at Olive Garden not realising that the prices were bumped up by basically 20% with it being Times Square!  I was only 20 so had to have an alcohol free cocktail. We boarded our night time tour and drove through Manhattan then across to Brooklyn.  As we went over a bridge our tour guide advised us to turn around and look back on Manhattan.  It was the most incredible view of all the sky scrapers rising up into the night.  You could only make them out by their lights and they looked like they were floating.  My camera didn’t do this view justice.

The bus tour during the way was a hop on hop off bus so we used this to get around when we weren’t walking.  The bus took us all over Manhattan and over to Brooklyn. The history of the city was really interesting and i would recommend doing an open top bus tour.

37000_138982276116171_1878505_n.jpgIncluded in our tour we got a visit to the top of Empire State Building.  We headed out for breakfast and fell in love with a little cafe near our hotel we bought cream cheese bagels then headed off into central Manhattan.  We entered the Empire State building and got the lift up to the viewing deck.  The weather in New York in June was very humid but up the top of the Empire State Building it was cool and windy.  We grabbed a few photos and then headed back down. We spent the afternoon in Madame Tussauds in Times Square having fun taking photos with all the wax works.  That night we had a Mexican not far from our hotel.

36664_138984769449255_7879210_n.jpgWe booked a ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty.  We had a long walk from our hotel down to the other side of Manhattan to the ferry port.  We passed through Times Square and Ground Zero.  Ground Zero was a sad site, it was very quiet and a lot of building work happening. We boarded the ferry and headed out to the Statue of Liberty and got some photos.  We didn’t get off the ferry as the queues to get back on were ridiculous. We spent the afternoon in China Town checking out all the fakes and bargains. We had dinner that night in China Town and it was one of the best I have tasted.

We spent our last day walking around Central Park.  This was30448_138987236115675_476132_n.jpg my favourite day.  The park is huge stretching for miles and once your in the thick of it you don’t feel like your in New York anymore.  We walked to Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park and I felt so happy and content.  The castle was so pretty with some really nice views at the top.  To walk the whole of Central Park is would of taken us a whole day and we didn’t have the time.

Verdict: There is so much I didn’t get a chance to see in New York so I have to go back.  I plan to return for my 30th birthday and do it properly. Go Back? Yes.


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