Miami, The Florida Keys and Mexico

When I went: June 2012

I went to America on a 21 day trip in June 2012 and these destinations were on my visit list.  Me and my friend from America travelled from Orlando down to Miami by Greyhound to catch a cruise from Miami port through the Florida Keys to Mexico and back.

The journey from Orlando to Miami took about 5 hours and wasn’t enjoyable.  I’m not a fan of bus journeys and this journey was made worse as there was some very odd random people on board the bus.

We arrived in Miami in what I can only call the ghetto area.  A woman stood outside the bus 181370_483100325037696_462349989_n.jpgterminal with a trolley full of goods off her face shouting at trees and bushes.  We very quickly jumped in a taxi and headed for out hotel.  We went straight to bed ready for the day ahead.  We only had 1 day in Miami and we spent it walking around the city centre and visiting the beach.  The centre had shops, restaurants and high rise hotels all along the beach front.  The beach stretched for miles and offered perfect white sand.  The beach is man made and imported from else where.

525853_483100971704298_1791237680_n.jpgOur cruise with Carnival departed from Miami the following day so after another night in our hotel we made our way to the port where we checked in and then went onto the ship.  We spent a few hours still in dock but used this time to sunbathe and have a cocktail. The ship was a smaller cruise552788_483101055037623_454843304_n.jpg ship but still had numerous restaurants and activities. Sitting around the pool blaring clubbing music sounded – if you wanted a relaxing experience this main pool was not for you. We finally set sale after going over all the security evacuations procedures then we went and got ready for dinner.  There was different dining rooms and different eating times for everyone on board. We had a later time and always got a little dressed up for dinner.  The food was superb with only a few options being served each night.  After dinner we would go watch the entertainment in the theatre.  The comedians were excellent and always made me laugh.

543348_483101371704258_141200791_n.jpgOut first stop was Key West, south of the Florida Keys.  I had been to the Keys previously driving from Orlando so I already knew what to expect.  The Keys have a Caribbean feel to them and our really nice to visit for a long weekend.  We wondered the shops and stopped for lunch at a seafood restaurant.

428398_483101495037579_1293598938_n.jpgThat night was the captains dinner where every one got more dressed up than usual.  There was photographers everywhere taking professional photos that you could purchase. Each evening when we returned to our room there were towel animals sitting on our beds – this was a cute exciting thing to look forward to when we came back to our rooms.  We also had room service included for when ever we fancied a snack.

We ended our cruise in Cozumel Mexico.  We had booked an excursion here to visit a private island and have lunch. This day was very relaxed and nice to finish off our trip.  In Cozumel there was some bars, restaurants and shops.  It is a cruise port so aimed at tourists with mainly shops.

Verdict: I wouldn’t return to Miami by choice as I found the only trhings to do there is party, shop and sunbathe. The Keys are small and nice but I have seen them now so don’t feel I need to return. I would like to return to Mexico and see more the country than just a cruise port. Go back? To Mexico and I would do another cruise for sure



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