New Orleans

When I went: June 2012

My time in New Orleans was only brief.  I was over on holiday seeing my friend who lives in Lousiana only an hour from New Orleans.  We took a day trip to the city so I could see what it was like.

We spent most of our time in the French Quarter and wondered around.  There was a lot of music and things going on.  We went for lunch and drinks on Bourbon Street and ate outside in a pretty court yard full of flowers, plants and trees. We then walked more of the streets and came across some markets selling all kinds of New Orleans souvenirs.

382424_483106505037078_1085392920_n.jpgMy friend took me to a plantation near her home and it was incredible.  It was a large mansion Southern style. We walked around the grounds that were so beautiful and some the trees looked rather spooky.  We then had l303458_483106275037101_223529483_n.jpgunch at the cafe next to the house.


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