Las Vegas

When I went there: June 2012

I had no idea what to expect of Las Vegas, I had heard it was like Blackpool but bigger.  I arrived with my American friend and we took a taxi to our hotel Circus Circus.  It seemed that our hotel didn’t have the best reputation in Vegas but it was cheap.

We only had a few days in Vegas so we spent them mostly touring the strip and we had one tour booked to the Grand Canyon. Our hotel was quite far up the strip so our choices were to brave the hot temperatures with a walk or take the bus, we did both and regretted the walk each time we did it.

The strip was amazing during the day and at night.  During the day the hotels rose up 550773_483102378370824_98021099_n.jpgabove you providing plenty of shade! We spent most of our days going in and out of hotels and casinos.  The Venetian (Venice themed) had a whole area that looked like Venice with canals, gondolas and sky; there was even a St Marks Square. The Bellagio was very nice and seemed to be the envy of other hotels.  With the large fountain outside and inside millions of flowers, it was amazing.  We came across a botanical garden indoors in the middle of the hotel. The best shopping is inside Caesars Palace.  The mall is huge and offers everything. 196138_483103048370757_897552080_n.jpg

At night time Vegas is even busier than during the day.  We decided to see a show and chose Phantom of the Opera on at the Venetian.  We went for cocktails at Sugar Factory before hand and got a little drunk.  The show was brilliant and the actual theatre was themed very well. We only went out clubbing 1 night due to how expensive it was.  We chose an outdoor club in Hotel Wynn called Surrender. The drinks were very expensive so we made our 1 free glass of fizz last.  Even though we weren’t drunk we had a good night meeting people.  We decided to go up the Eiffel Tower for a view of the strip at night.  Hotel Paris was French themed and the inside felt like you were actually in Paris.  The view from the top of Eiffel Tower was amazing, our view was completed when the Bellagio fountains went off.

The restaurant choices in Las Vegas were endless and there is to much to choose from.  We visited Planet Hollywood and my favourite Cheesecake Factory.  The menu is the size of a book offering huge portions.  The appetisers are the size of an entree. The cheesecake range is extensive, I chose the red velvet white chocolate cheesecake.

598562_483104898370572_470344173_n.jpgWe booked a plane trip to the Grand Canyon.  I wasn’t sure if this visit was going to be worth it but I’m glad I did it.  The plane journey was very turbulent and wasn’t enjoyable.  We went very early in the morning to try and avoid the heat but at 8am I was struggling.  We arrived at our first viewing point and there was just silence as we looked out over the canyon.  It carried on for miles.  Our second viewing point there was a hike to see a 360 view, I couldn’t manage as it was far to hot.  We then had lunch outside and I made sure I was sat in the shade.

Verdict: I liked Las Vegas and would return again, you only need a few days here so would need to visit somewhere else too Go Back? Yes.


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