When I went there: October 2014

I went to Singapore on my year of travelling with my friend.  We flew here from Kuala Lumpur – the shortest flight ever of 30 minutes!

I had no idea what to expect of Singapore but once I landed and we were on our way to the city centre I couldn’t help but notice how green and tidy it was.  The air was very humid and muggy but the sun was shining and I was looking forward to exploring. I had booked a hostel a friend recommended so we made our way there only to be met by a dodgey looking building in the building of China Town with a large flight of stairs.  We really didn’t like the look of the hostel so we decided to go for lunch and find somewhere last minute to stay.  We came across a Chillis and I got so excited as I ate there when I was in America that I dragged my friend inside.  We picked a hotel that seemed reasonable and grabbed a taxi only to be told we picked a hotel in the red light district!

We only had a few days in Singapore so we spent them exploring the city and getting lost for 3 hours in a shopping mall.  The malls are the size of small cities and we could not find the exit, we thought we exited one but only to enter another. There was every shop imaginable! Even Marks and Spencer!

We had been told the Night Safari was good and they were right it was excellent.  It was slightly cooler at night but it was still very humid.  We toured exhibits by paths seeing the animals by lamp posts/moon light and we also went on a bus that took us round.  I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend.

We had a booking at Raffles for afternoon tea, it was quite pricey but had heard this is a 10600655_937790152902042_3061132916439740214_n.jpgmust do in Singapore.  We spent the morning touring the botanical gardens AKA gardens by the bay, they were so pretty and air conditioned! They were not like any botanical gardens but inside large glass domes.  There were different sections representing different parts of life.  We went to Raffles for the afternoon and had afternoon tea.  It was very fancy and loads of food to eat!  I wouldn’t pay the prices again but I am glad I did it.

Verdict: I would like to go back to Singapore again as I feel we only spent a short time there.  The people were lovely and so friendly. Its a very clean city and I felt at home there Go Back? Yes.


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