When I went there: 2007, 2008 and 2009

Ibiza was my first girly holiday with my best friend when I was 17. We loved it so much in 2007 we returned the following 2 years! The holiday in 2007 was 14 days and the others just 7 days as Ibiza broke us. We flew with Thomas Cook each time.

Our first time round in Ibiza was the best holiday I have ever had.  Me and my best friend were inseparable and there was not one spat between us.  We made friends with loads of random people in our 2 weeks away.  Our hotel at first looked rather scabby but in the day we had the best view of the beach and Mediterranean Sea. Most nights we went out drinking and then slept till the afternoon until the cleaners came in and ‘tried’ to clean quietly which was a huge fail.  We made friends with our holiday rep who we nick named Teddy and he took us under his wing. We were excited to get started and got club tickets for Eden, Es Paradis and Privilege.

Eden and Es Paradis are in San Antonio.  We stayed just around the corner more towards San Antonio Bay all 3 times we went there, we wanted to be slightly away from all the noise of the bars and clubs.  During the day San Antonio is full of 20 year olds lying hungover on the beach and reps selling club tickets.  At night it turns into a huge playground full of drink and drugs. The bars in San Antonio are just as much fun as the big clubs and also cheaper!  There is loads to choose from and they are all busy.

We went to Eden for Judgement Sundays and Garlands.  Garlands had a circus theme that IMGP0541.JPGmy best friend loved, the music was excellent and we had a great night. Judgement Sundays, the music was more heavy but still a good night.  One of our favourite nights was the water party at Es Paradis.  We made the mistake of wearing heels and we stood around until 5am waiting for the water to start, it was a long night.  Once the water started music came on that we recognised and we went crazy.  the whole dance floor filled with water and we were soaked.  It was one of the best experiences and well worth the wait.  We used to dress up when we out, in heels and dresses, we constantly got called Pacha girls so we decided we needed to take a trip there.  Pacha was out towards Evissa (Ibiza Town) and was very pretentious.  We went there for Deaf Mix and never returned.  The largest club is Privilege, it has a large swimming pool and a number of different rooms.  We went there for Manumission. We went on a bar crawl before hand where it was 2for1 drinks before midnight, my best friend went crazy for this deal so we didn’t last very long at Manumission.  My best friend was so ill/hungover the next day, we suspected she had alcohol poisoning.

We decided we needed some culture so took a trip during the day to Evissa and it is stunning.  The Old Town is definitely worth a look and at the top of the hill is some beautiful views. There is a Pacha shop selling all their merchandise with the cherries logo. We also went to a water park in Ibiza which was great fun, a large market selling typical tourist items and we went on a speed boat around the island called The Ibiza Beast.

The restaurants in Ibiza do everything possible, every cuisine is available.  We did go on a boat tour of the island and we stopped off at a beach area, there was no where to eat but quite a fancy Spanish restaurant.  We felt totally out of place here in our beach clothes.  One of our favourite treats was a cheese and tomato pizza from Pizza Hut, yes this sounds boring but it was 100% better than what we have here in the UK.  We were self catering so we mostly stayed in and ate baked potatoes.  I did attempt boiled egg and soldiers but then realised we had no egg cups.

Our second time round was only a week but we still met loads of random people.  We tried Copy of Ibiza 093.jpgto better our first time but it was impossible.  We returned to Judgement Sundays at Eden and this time chose to try a booze cruise called Pukka Up.  It was not as good as we thought, you are trapped on a boat full of rowdy drunk men constantly whipping their bits out. We ventured out to Cream at Amnesia, this was a good night but it was so busy! Amnesia was huge and they had to keep blasting cold air into the club to cool everyone down. We had made the mistake of wearing dresses and heels – not a good idea as there is a lot of standing!  We should of learnt the first time, in Ibiza no one wears heels.

Our last night we went out to a bar called Linekers.  We got very drunk and started playing dares.  My best friend knocked over a tray of shots and we were told we had to pay for them so we scarpered pretty quickly.  The measurements over there of alcohol is non existent, they just keep pouring.

The clubs in Ibiza are all full of beautiful dancers screaming sex.  There was a gang of girls walking around San Antonio doing club promo with a flag and all they were wearing was tape over their nipples and pants. If I had a partner he wouldn’t be allowed to Ibiza in a million years!  Two times I went I was single and one time I went when I had a boyfriend, me and my best friend both did.

SAM_0170.JPGOur third trip was a bit of a disaster.  My best friend had fallen pregnant so a holiday to Ibiza was not ideal for her at all.  We were there at the same time as her brother and one of her friends.  I went out with them one night and I couldn’t enjoy myself as I was missing my partner in crime.  We went to Priviledge to see Tiesto.  The rest of the holiday I didn’t go out very much, me and my best friend went on a boat trip of the island which had some stunning sunsets.  Ibiza has some of the nicest sunsets I have ever seen. We also returned back to the market and just sunbathed mostly.  We stayed a lot further around the bay this time and it was quite a walk for us into San Antonio.

Verdict: Ibiza is definitely a place to visit in you teens/early 20s.  It is full of drink, sex, fun and clubs.  I do dream of returning as it was such a laugh, but with me being older I feel I have outgrown the island.  Me and my best friend have said we would return for our 30th birthdays and I am holding her to it. I don’t think I would return here for clubbing, maybe in the future to a quiet resort, I more go on holiday to relax now than party Go back? Who knows maybe one day – my younger self would say yes 100%


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