When I went there: April 2011

I have been to Paris twice, once with school when I was in 1st year and the other time with my best friend in 2011. I cant remember the time I went with school but I do remember we went to Astrix Park and some underground tunnels called the catacombs of Paris. Astrix Park is a theme park, totally worth the visit and I felt had better rides than Euro Disney and the catacombs of Paris is dark, cold, wet and creepy.  The tunnels are full of skulls and bones, not a place for children. I am going to write about my time with my best friend.

We flew with Air france to CDG and stayed in a hotel that seemed ages away from 216043_221567667857631_210699_n.jpgeverything. Our first night we went to the Moulin Rouge for a meal and show. We sat at a table with another family who I don’t think understood that all the tables were full to capacity so you would be sitting with people you don’t know.  They moaned in front of us to the staff then sat there feeling guilty towards us when the staff told them we couldn’t be moved.  The show was fantastic, the costumes and dancers were all stunning.  The show and meal was over EUR100pp but was worth it and I recommend doing this at least once.

We had booked a tour off Expedia for a walk around Paris, admission to go up the Eiffel Tower and lunch in the restaurant on the second floor.  Expedia had advised my friend the time and location to meet the tour over the phone.  We got up that morning to meet the tour at the tourist information excited for the day ahead, to then be told we were at the wrong location.  We were meant to meet at a tourist attraction along the Seine.  We rushed to try and get to the correct location but were extremely late. I phoned Expedia and we were then told we could rearrange the tour for another day but we would have to pay again and there was no guarantee we would get our original tour refunded or we could try and catch the tour up.  We decided on the second option and made our way to the Eiffel Tower to catch the tour for lunch. We got there and waited around 45 minutes but no sign of the tour so we gave up and did out own thing.  We walked along the Seine to the Louvre picking up a croissant along the way, had lunch beside the Eiffel Tower and took some pictures.

Image may contain: sky and outdoorAs I love Disney we had to make a visit to Euro Disney.  We got the train there and had a really nice day.  It was so busy as we were there on Easter Sunday, the queues were outrageous. We waited 1 hour 45 minutes to ride Big Thunder Mountain, 15 minutes away from getting on the ride it broke down and we had to be evacuated from the ride. We were so angry we had wasted all that time. Euro Disney is nothing like Walt Disney World which disappointed me.  This was my second visit and I still felt excited but the staff attention to detail is nothing like Walt Disney World Orlando, FL.


Our last day we went up the Eiffel Tower to the second floor. We queued two hours then Image may contain: outdoorrealised to get up each floor you need to queue again. The Eiffel Tower is a bucket list item so I am glad I have down this but the queuing system is ridiculous.  The four legs all have an entrance with their own queue snaking in and out of all the other queues. Once we came down from the Eiffel Tower we found a grassy patch to do some sunbathing.

At the end of our long weekend we discovered our hotel wasn’t actually as far from everything as we thought! We were just going to the wrong train station. Typical.

Verdict: I love Paris despite the queues and busyness.  When you are walking down the Seine you can just imagine French music playing in the background.  It really is a magical place with so much character. Go Back? Yes. 

P.S after a lot of phone calls and nagging we got a refund from Expedia


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