When I went : September 2016

After visiting Venice and Malta in September/October and seeing that towards the end of Summer start of Autumn that most things are closed we wanted to go to the Canaries.  The flight from Edinburgh is 5 hours so I wanted to go for more than a week.  We chose ten days which was perfect.

We went with Jet 2, I have been with them before to go Cyprus but this was my Mum’s first time.  The check in process was excellent and very regimented. We were told exactly where to go and what to do.

We arrived in Lanzarote towards night time so went straight to bed when we arrived, we 14344147_1463431540337898_8913054026757235725_nstayed in Costa Mar Apartments self catering. The following day we went out to explore.  We were staying in the resort of Puerto Del Carmen and we had heard greats things about it.  We walked up the main road from our hotel into the resort centre.  The views out onto the sea were stunning.  There was a wind in the air but still very warm, this is perfect for people who want a high temperature but struggle with the heat. The main strip has loads of cafes and restaurants to choose from.  There is every cuisine you can think of including some random mix ups, one restaurant offers a choice of Indian and Italian together.  There is some nice shops, a good choice of tourist souvenirs, crafts and clothing.

We walked the whole length of the strip and ended up discovering there was a market on at the harbour – this market runs every Friday morning.  We jumped on a bus and headed down there discovering that Pureto Del Carmen was even bigger than we suspected. The market sold typical tourist souvenirs but was nice to visit. We had heard there was a much larger market on a Sunday that lasted all day, we decided to go to this.  The market was a real let down, much more of the same tourist souvenirs and fake hand bags.  We walked around the whole day and bought nothing.

I had heard about a dinner how held at the Rancho Texas Park, it was a western themed show and BBQ dinner. We decided to book this and went a long.  We were sat at long tables with strangers with unlimited sangria and beer so everyone got a little too boozy.  The show included some singing and lassoing, it was quite disappointing.  The BBQ food was really good and worth the money.

After visiting the park at night we decided to visit during the day.  There was a wild life park with a water park attached.  The park had a bird show, seal lion show and a few others.  The water park was excellent and perfect for families.

My Mum has never seen volcanoes before and with Lanzarote being a volcanic island we 14202574_1468780783136307_4460577758538403901_ndecided to do a tour. The tour took us all around the volcanic region of the island and it was really interesting to hear the history.  The lava flowed constantly for 6 years on the island destroying crops.  The island now grows grapes from the volcanic earth and we got to sample the wine at a vineyard.  After we explored the volcanic landscape we stopped for a camel ride.


Verdict:  I really enjoyed this holiday and found there was plenty to do and see. There are tours island hoping over to Fuertventura for something different. I would go back in a few years time. Go back? Yes.


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