When I went: August 2016

I visited Devon to see my family, it was my first time down that neck of the woods and I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it would be warmer than Scotland so I packed Summer holiday clothes.  Arriving and then feeling how warm it was knowing I was still in the UK was incredible, I felt like I was abroad. There were beaches and even palm trees! I instantly wanted to move there.

My first night we had dinner in Torquay along the sea front, it was so warm and busy, it was just like a strip on holiday full of people dressed up for dinner and going out for cocktails.  We went to a French restaurant and had really good food with some wine.  I woke up the next day with a very sore head.  The only thing I could manage was Teignmouth Beach in the afternoon with an ice cream.

We took an old steam train along the Devonshire coast and it was stunning, Devon is easily 13912464_1422618214419231_4120685673792945112_njust as pretty as somewhere in the Mediterranean.  We then took the ferry to Dartmouth.  This was a small town but had some amazing views.  The water was so blue with sail boats, and cafes all along the front.  We stopped for fish and chips in a pub and sat on the roof top overlooking the bay, I felt so content and happy in that moment.

One of my favourite days was when we visited Totnes. It is based on one road which is quite a steep hike but full of character with little shops and cafes. Loads of boutiques sold quirky treasures you wouldn’t easily find somewhere else.

The main tourist spot is Torquay.  There is all the chain shops such as Topshop etc but also tourist shops you can have a rummage through.  We walked up the front looking out onto the beach which was heaving with people and then came to a market full of gifts and food. Torquay has a large Ferris wheel, typical touristy attraction but a must.  It gives you a full view of the coast and beach.

Verdict: I would love to return and I know I will. Hopefully next time we will make a trip to Cornwall and see more of Devon. It is easily one of the most pretty places I have been to and it is right on our doorstep in the UK! Go Back? Yes!


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