When I went there: October 2014

This holiday was at the end of my year travelling so I was extremely hard up on money.  Due to this I feel I didn’t experience Bali to its full potential.

I was there with a girl I used to be best friends with and two other friends. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Kuta called Hotel Eden.  The hotel was garden themed with lots of greenery and leaves for decoration.  I would definitely recommended this hotel as it was very very nice.

I had heard different opinions on Kuta and that it was very run down, commercialised and 10312977_972965866051137_4559277390708938442_ndirty.  I found it busy, commercialised but not dirty.  There are many shops, bars, markets and restaurants.  The beach isn’t the best but still nicer than some we have here in the UK!

During our time in Bali we went to a water park in Kuta, it was quite big with lots of slides and fun activities.  This was a good day out and we spent the whole day going on the flumes.

We decided we needed to visit something cultural and I had heard of Tanah Lot and seeing this at sunset was meant to be beautiful.  We got a taxi there and none of us realised how long it took to get there, we were in the taxi over an hour.  We arrived and missed the sunset, was such a shame. We took photos of what we could but the sun set very quickly. It felt like a wasted journey as we couldn’t even walk round and try and see more of the temple.

My friend had googled this lingerie shop before we went and seen a bra that she loved.  We tried to find the shop in Kuta but couldn’t seem to find it. She was obsessed with it so she dragged me round what felt like the whole of Bali in a taxi to try and find this shop.  Google maps told us the shop was in this retail park.  We drove though this beautiful park full of statues and flowers, I would of loved to have walked round it but my friend was focused on the bra.  The retail park didn’t have the shop so we wondered around instead before heading back to Kuta. Then to our surprise we found the shop not far from our hotel! My friend didn’t even buy the bra as it wasn’t a good fit!

We were in Bali for Halloween and I had seen Hard Rock Cafe were holding a party for it.  We thought Halloween would be quite big with tourists in Kuta but there was no sight of it. Halloween was dire in Bali and we didn’t end up staying out, this was a disappointment.

The restaurants were lovely, I tried sword fish for the first time and loved it.  There was loads to choose from and if your a fish lover there is some good restaurants.  We stayed near a large shopping centre so visited the shops and cafes.

Verdict: I felt I didn’t see Bali to its full potential because I was low on money so I would return if the occasion arose. Go back? Yes. 




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