When I went: March and December 2012

I have visited Amsterdam twice, once with a past boyfriend and the other with friends.  I went with friends to go see a concert at the Ziggo Dome and with the boyfriend, the choice was Amsterdam or Paris. I had been to Paris.

I didn’t mind the thought of Amsterdam but I was never that drawn to do it.  The buildings looked nice to look at and that’s exactly all they was, nice buildings.  I found Amsterdam a nice city to walk around but there isn’t much more to it.

Myself and boyfriend stayed in a fancy 5 star hotel, we looked so out of place.  We would wander the streets during the day going in and out of shops and then at night we wander the red light district as that seemed to be the only place there was any action. We had some brownies one day which made me go very paranoid then later that night we visited a sex show, that was amusing.  I felt we needed some culture so we went on a boat cruise, which turned out to be rather dull.  To fill in a day we visited Madame Tussaud’s which then was full of Dutch celebrities…

The food was the same as anywhere, different cuisines such Italian. Nothing special.

Verdict: I thought with Amsterdam there would be more to see and to.  Apart from most things I have mentioned there was not much else. If you are up for getting stoned, drunk and eating then I would say this city is for you. Go Back? No. 



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