When I went : September 2015

I have always wanted to go to Italy for the culture and cuisine.  We originally looked at visiting Sorrento for a beach/coast holiday but we would of had to fly into Naples and find transport down to Sorrento which was causing to be a pain.  I discovered Lido Di Jesolo A.K.A Jesolo, a beach resort about an hour from Venice which sounded perfect.

We arrived in Venice flying with KLM and made our way by bus to Jesolo.  The bus service was efficient and cheaper than travelling by taxi.  We were staying in a camping resort in Jesolo and had our own bungalow, this was ideal so we could do our own cooking. The place was very empty and quiet with not much happening, when we asked we just kept getting the reply ‘it’s the end of the season’.

On our first day it was my Mum’s Birthday so we had a Birthday breakfast then went and explored Jesolo.  There was standard tourist shops but also had a number of boutiques.  That night we went for dinner and to my surprise all Italian restaurants serve mainly pizza, there was very few pasta dishes and no garlic bread on the menu! We asked for garlic bread and they made it for us as this is my favourite food.

Our second day was our trip to Venice.  We took the bus there then a boat, the journey was long but worth it.  Coming into Venice on the boat was spectacular, th12046850_1191810007500054_806010792196045249_ne views were something else. I was so excited when I got onto dry land I didn’t know what to look at first.  The sun was scorching and the walkways were heaving with people.  There were actual queues to cross the bridges and you needed to be quick to grab a photo. Walking around Venice was like walking around a film set, it was like nothing I had ever seen before.  The water fronts were lined with stalls selling Venetian souvenirs such as masks and paintings.  I couldn’t help myself and bought a mask which now hangs on my bedroom wall reminding me of the holiday.  I had heard before we went that Venice has a certain smell about it due to all the water but I didn’t smell anything, only the sweat of all the tourists pushing past you!  I have been to a number of places in my life but this was by the far the busiest.  That is the one thing that really put me off Venice, the streets were narrow and far to crowded. We spent our entire day walking around Venice, my legs were exhausted.  We wanted to go up to San Marco Campanile bell tower but the queue was so long we would have been waiting for hours. One thing I was sure I wanted to do was a gondola ride, but we discovered that these were over 100 euros and you don’t even get sung to! We instead came across a deal where it was 40 euro for an hours boat ride along the grand canal which was just as good if not better, we received loads of information about the city.

Through the week we visited more of Jesolo and the surrounding area.  The temperature was not the warmest which was a shame as I am a sun worshipper. We spent a day by the pool and another by the beach.  I did find that Italians are quite rude, when asking for help with anything they were not very friendly.

We visited Venice again towards the end of our week and we caught the wrong boat which took over an hour to get us to St Marks Square.  We went all around the islands looked stunning and I wish we had visited them. It rained all day so the Italians had put walk ways through the square so tourists did not have to struggle through the floods. It was not as busy this time due to the miserable weather.  The restaurants were quite expensive but we found a reasonable pizzeria that did a few pasta dishes.  I had fallen in love with the Venetian glass and had found small perfume bottle that I wanted, I found it in one shop for a good price but the shop owner screamed at me when I was asking the price so we left.  The whole street was looking at us, I still laugh about it now.

Verdict : I would return to Venice but to spend a week there would be to much, two days was just enough.  I found Italians very rude and just found tourists a nuisance.  It is a truly magical place and I wish we had seen it at night all lit up. Go back? Yes. 


















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